6 Investment Ideas for High Net-Worth Individuals

10 Aug

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There is a plethora of investment opportunities for high net-worth individuals. The options we’ll discuss in this article are some of the best ways for HNWI to store their wealth and to multiply it even.

The number of high net-worth individuals in Australia has grown during the last few decades. High net-worth individuals are usually those people who have a net worth of $1 million or more. Owing to the amount of wealth they have, these people have started to change their investment priorities.

If you think you need to manage your wealth more wisely and in a more profitable way, then you must start making plans for it.


The amount of cash high net-worth individuals used to invest in term deposits went low in 2013. And the drop was quite significant, from 20% to 16%. Instead, high net-worth individuals began to allocate a bigger proportion of their wealth into shares. Their investment in shares showed an increase of about 6% – from 26% to 32%.

Commercial Property Investment

For those that have already paid off their mortgage and have capital to invest, the commercial real estate market is a great option to both own an appreciating asset and ongoing rental income. With a softening real estate market, making the right property investment choice and strategy is paramount to success over the long term, and it is definitely worth consulting with commercial property specialists such as Stamford Capital Investment services.

Gold Bullion

Gold has been and will always be one of the safest options to invest your wealth in. Thus, the high net-worth individuals of Australia prefer to invest in gold to this day. Considering gold prices hardly ever go down, people have realized it is the safest option to diversify your investment portfolio. Moreover, online platforms, like goldstackers.com.au have made investing in gold extremely convenient.

Investing in Property

The high net-worth individuals of Australia are increasingly investing their money in the commercial real estate. This is not just a safe investment but also a perfect way to multiply your wealth.  As the number of high net-worth individuals continues to increase in Australia, you can expect more people to invest in real estate in the years to come.


With wealth comes the ability to purchase expensive art. Many high net-worth individuals are into buying expensive paintings and renowned pieces of art and adding them to their collection. Considering that the value of these things never goes down, this is a great investment idea for HNWI.

AMEX Rewards and Membership Points

The worth of AMEX membership rewards is unimaginable. The more you collect these points, the more you can redeem them on loyalty programs, airlines, and hotel chains. You can also spend the points you have earned on travelling and online shopping. These points are a great way of storing your wealth. For high net-worth individuals, it has become a great option for improving their lifestyle. For more information, you can visit PointsBank.


Like art, buying fancy sports cars, like Ferrari and Maserati, is a great way to invest your money. High net-worth individuals know that the value of such cars only escalates. This makes buying luxury sports cars a lucrative investment opportunity.

These are the six great ways to manage and maintain your wealth. If you have a high net-worth to maintain, then try investing your wealth in these six safe and reliable investment opportunities today!

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