A Bank Account That Is Tailored to your needs

23 Feb

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There are various ways of banking available today. Different banks have come up with ways to improve the customer experience. Like the Lloyds TSB bank account options, banks have systems and tools to make it easier for customers to save, manage their finances and access money through various channels. These options are also things to consider when choosing a bank. Before opening an account, find out all the options and features available for you in the bank.

Saving is a very important feature of banking. Saving even the smallest amounts of money can make a huge difference in your finances if it is done regularly. However, saving is a challenge to most people. There are bank account options that make it so easy to save that you actually forget you are doing it. For instance, you can earn savings when you use a debit card or every time you withdraw from your account.

You should also draw a clear line between your savings account and your regular use account. If you are interested in making serious savings for the future, having a separate savings account allow you to put aside money easier. This is because you will hardly access the account and this reduced the temptation to spend the money.

Overdrafts are also a very important feature in any kind of bank account. Planning for overdrafts helps you greatly manage your finances since it sets the limit on the amount you can borrow when your bank account is empty. This allows you to borrow small amounts of money that can last you until the next payday.

Internet banking is the most convenient face banking available today. People can access internet banking through computers, phones and any other internet enabled devices. This helps the client to manage their personal accounts and credit cards conveniently. It also exempts you for spending important working hours in the bank.

With an online money manager, you can organize your spending. Organized spending prevents you from using more than you can afford. Money managers have features such as reports and graphs that you can read to find out where all your spending lies.

A very important option to consider when getting a back account is whether you can access a debit card and where you can use it. Convenient ATM locations enable you to access money in various parts of the country whenever you need it. Especially during emergency situations, a conveniently located ATM can very helpful.

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  1. Lupe August 27, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    I am going to invest & need your valuable suggestions.

  2. Sierra August 27, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

    Me and my sister want to open a student bank account(one for each of us). and we want to know what are ALL the requirements and what we have to provide to open them.I am 14 and my sister is 16 years old. we are also both going to the same high school.please try to tell me what are the different requirements for different banks.

  3. Dorian September 4, 2013 at 9:32 am #

    A few months ago, my mom’s vehicle broke down. We had to junk it because our mechanic (who’s the most trustworthy in our town and is also a friend) told us that it would cost over $3000 to fix. This is because the parts that hold the vehicle together were breaking. He told us that if we neglected it, it would break while we were driving and probably kill us instantly. Since my mom is on a fixed income, she could not afford this, so we junked the van.

    Before our vehicle broke down, my cousin’s vehicle broke down. During this time, she drove our van. But unlike us, she was very rough with it. She was always driving to the side because she was always talking on her phone and slamming on the brakes before coming to every stop. During this time, we took her everywhere she wanted to go. She now has a nice van of her own (she spent $13,000 on it).

    Since our vehicle has broken down, my cousin has only taken us a number of times that I can count on one hand. Just one! My cousin had promised to get us a vehicle when she got her tax check. My uncle died in 2010 and his last wish was for his daughters to get me a vehicle with his life insurance so that I can get to school and get an education. They received the life insurance but spent it all and have been promising me a vehicle ever since. So this was her way of paying us back. But due to legal trouble, she has had to spend the money on her lawyer (she is innocent of the crime, but still has to pay for a lawyer. And before you say how do you know she’s innocent, she was with my mom and out of town on the day she is being accused of the crime.) So now we have no vehicle and no one is taking us anywhere. We live in a small town so there are no bus services or anything. The only way is through walking everywhere.

    My mom has had to walk everywhere for the past few months and she is 64 years old (she is in great shape though, but that’s not the point). I have recently been sick where I can’t walk to the bathroom without getting winded. I lose my breath very easily and I black out constantly. I had to walk to the hospital (I barely made it) and the doctor said I am very anemic and need a blood transfusion. But because I have no vehicle and no family will take me because they are “busy” I can’t have it done.

    I am a college student. I have no job and I still live with my mom (I’m 24). Because I can’t physically stand for more than five minutes, it’s impossible for me to get a job, plus I have no reliable transportation. My mom’s job recently ended and right now we are living off of her disability and food stamps, all together we probably get about $600-700 a month.

    I really need a vehicle by the time my fall classes start. My school campus is about an hour away. Right now, I am taking online classes, but we still need a vehicle.

    My question is what are my chances of getting a small bank loan? Both my mom and I have bad credit, but my cousin said she would be willing to cosign on a loan since she backed out on getting us a car. My mom has been banking at her bank for over 25 years and she has a steady check coming in every month. The only money I get in my account is when my student loans come in and that is only a few thousand dollars. We called the bank and the minimum we can get out (if approved) is $2500. So it isn’t going to be a big loan.

  4. Zita September 14, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    I know this has been covered on many occasions, but I really would appreciate help on a specific job…with the RBS Bank
    The job desrciption is as follows…………..

    Manufacturing is the ‘engine room’ of The Royal Bank of Scotland group, providing a diverse range of high quality services to our customer-facing NatWest, One Account and The Royal Bank of Scotland operations.You’ll go the extra mile for our existing customers, ensuring you provide a world-class service. Taking in-bound calls you’ll respond to customers personal lending needs and tailor our products to meet them.

  5. Josef September 21, 2013 at 4:45 am #

    I heard that IT jobs these days require some accounting background. Would that be a good idea to do that?

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