Alternative Sources of Finance for Uganda Mara Launch Fund

18 Jul

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A single of the substitute sources of finance for Uganda is the Mara Launch fund. For a lot of Ugandans, specifically these starting out in business with only a notion, this is a very good spot to commence.

Simple data

Target: Start off ups and early stage organizations

Sector focus: All

Amounts supplied: UGX 5,000,000- UGX 10,000,000

Funding kind: Venture capital

Signifies, rather than offering a loan, the fund takes a % of shares in the company

Crucial criteria

Model can be repeated across Africa
Lucrative company within 3-5 years (exit period for fund)
Sturdy management

Further info

search on the internet for “Mara Launch Fund”

Tel: +256()414 233 700/800

Who is behind the fund?

Ashish J. Thakkar CEO,Mara Group
Alex Rezida, Partner at Nangwala, Rezida & Co. advocates and
Peter Mukiza, Managing Partner in Uganda for Quantum capital.

What is the approach like?

1. Submit company plan.The strategy must include information constant with the key criteria for the fund.

2. Introductory meeting. If the fund likes the plan, the investor will meet the fund team.

3. Due diligence.This means the fund “verifies” the data presented in the program.

4. Phrase sheet. Document spelling out the simple terms and circumstances.

My view/suggestions for success in accessing the funds for your organization

1. Team:Venture capital funds like Mara know that a great team will create and implement the thought effectively. If you have no internal capacity, have a professional join you so that your plan includes a robust group.

2. Executive summary. Investors are busy people and so your summary, normally one web page, ought to have a single aim in mind: “Make them eager to turn the pages”. In order to do this, ensure that your executive summary captures crucial aspects of the document which includes the group, the quantity needed, the approach, the activities to date and other info that gives a “snapshot” of your idea.

3. Repeatable model. The fund is hunting for good organization ideas that will transform Africa. Can the company model be repeatable not only in Uganda but possibly Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania?

4. Understand the fund and persons behind it. A core part of a profitable enterprise connection is whether or not the two parties “connect”. Investors are men and women and they generally invest if they like the individual behind it.

In July, I met Nigel Ball, director of an affiliated entity. He is a really likeable, straight speaking expert. I can as a result expect that the rest of the team will be of this nature.

Otherwise, finest of luck.


Inachee is not an agent or connected to this entity, it is an independent believed leadership and advisory firm. The data offered is based on our investigation and expertise. Whilst we have taken methods to guarantee the accuracy of the info presented here, there can be no guarantee that it will stay correct.

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  9. Idell August 24, 2013 at 12:51 pm #

    Btw, these are the things you need to know: Ore is the world they live in, Peuton is the language of Hedarigg Republic (this will be mentioned later on in the text) and Mara and Hanara are sisters and are a part of a villainous group. They are puppeteers, so use magic to make anything anything move from a pencil to a person, and magic is outlawed in Hedarigg. People are sent to camps to be executed or imprisoned and tortured for life. Mara has ‘feeling puppets’ because she is made blind, so she can ‘see’ her way by sending these puppets around her to check what’s infront, behind etc. Also, people use magic to control the elements. Right, now that that’s done, here you are – critics wanted, harsh criticism needed. 🙂


    The little girl looked on in fear as her sister’s eyes were scooped out.

    Her sister collapsed, crying and hugging her face. The dark man leered over her and kicked her in the ribs.

    “Little brat!” he snarled in Peuton.

    He stepped to the little girl, the dripping spoon in his hand, and she scrabbled back to the metal wall. They were in a small tin room, blood stained in large patches on the walls and floors. The smell of death hung tightly in the air.

    His eyes glinted dangerously in the light of a dying lantern.

    “Mama!” the little girl cried, hiding her face.

    He kicked her head. She sobbed silently.

    “Behave or end up like her!” he threatened, waving the spoon in front of her pale face. She glanced at it through blurred eyes and cried harder.

    The man snatched her sister’s hair and showed her face to the little girl. The blood was spitting from her empty eye-sockets. The little girl screamed.

    Hanara snapped back into reality.

    She was standing with Mara on the rooftop, listening to her sister complain how bored she was and that they should get on with it. Freshly dug-up corpses stood hunched around them, waiting for an order. Hanara gazed at the distant spiked fences trapping the stolen prisoners of Lemonson Camp inside. Blood made the air stink; Hanara couldn’t tell if that was the corpses or the prisoners themselves. The sound of whip-lashes echoed through the forgotten town.

    ‘Lemonson’, means forgotten, extinct, much like how the people trapped inside the fences are going to be and how the people free to walk outside have lived all their lives. If there was any place that could be considered the let-down of Ore, it was Hedarigg, and the people are below the level of scum. Hanara couldn’t believe she and Mara came from this place. It was too unreal and even as they stood just ten yards away, the camp felt so distant.

    “Can we move now?” said Mara.

    Hanara looked at her. “Sure. I was waiting for you.”

    Mara was fuming.

    “I’ve been saying ‘can we go’ for half-an-hour! You’ve just been off in your own little world.”

    Hanara smiled.

    “Right, let’s go then. The camp’s straight ahead of you, Mara.”


    Mara and Hanara hopped off the roof and they raced forward, darting like shadows to the fence, where they stepped up on it and leapt over the jagged spikes. The prisoners, who were dressed in grey overalls, yelled out when metal was launched in all directions as the corpses charged their way through, following their masters. Hanara whipped out two swords and threw one to Mara (“Heads up!”) – Mara reached out and caught it.

    They swung their swords and attacked the guards who had already begun fighting with Earthmagic. The corpses acted like a shield for both girls and took the blows of heavy boulders to their chests. The girls weren’t interested with the guards and, as the corpses fought them, they broke into the unwelcoming building by the front door. The prisoners ran through the hole in the fence that was left by the corpses.

    The inside was like stepping into a sauna, though the air wasn’t thick with heat and smoke but with sweat and blood. A vile stench swept over the two as they entered and bolted the door, not like that would defend any incoming boulders however. It didn’t matter, they weren’t going to be there long.

    As she stared at the dirty small cells trapping pale fleshy skeletons, Hanara thought of her time in them.

    She slashed at the cell locks with her sword. The prisoners didn’t stop to thank her and weakly fled, leading each other to the nearest exit, the front door, not knowing of the danger of outside.

    As soon as they opened a door, a boulder crashed through, killing some of them. Hanara had to push she and Mara to the ground, dodging it just in time.

    “****!” yelled Mara.

    Hanara jumped up and met guards at the door as they stormed through, cutting down the escaped prisoners as they went past. A guard’s sword and Hanara’s sword collided but she swooped and sent him down easily. She sliced many more guards in half, the raw anger and hatred of ten years flying free within her.

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