Can You Hold Your Spouse’s Health Insurance Immediately after A Divorce

11 May

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There are numerous well being insurance troubles that may be overlooked during a divorce, such as:

1. Is the ex-spouse nevertheless covered immediately after divorce? For how lengthy?

2. Can one celebration cancel health insurance coverage in the course of the divorce?

3. What about health insurance coverage for the youngsters?

It is a typical misconception that a spouse will continue to be covered below their ex-spouse’s plan immediately after divorce. In reality, the parties require to be advised that as of the date of the decree, the ex-spouse is no longer eligible for coverage.

Any medical remedy incurred, even though the physician could treat you, will be back-charged at total rate since wellness insurance coverage ends on the date of divorce. If you require any healthcare remedy, get it just before the divorce is more than, due to the fact you will have no coverage immediately after that.

Employment attorney Andrew Rempfer, Esq. was interviewed about the possibility of continuation coverage after the divorce. Mr. Rempfer noted that supplying continuing coverage for an ex-spouse is critically important to think about when crafting the divorce decree because an employer sponsored wellness plan might only provide COBRA coverage, which usually costs 102% of the total premium costs, and expires after 36 months.

Often the party who carries the insurance will spitefully delete the soon to be ex spouse from the firm insurance plan, prior to the decree of divorce. If the spouse who cancels the insurance operates for an employer with more than twenty complete time staff, then the employer could be violating state and federal laws for enabling the employee to get rid of a spouse from an employer health program prior to the decree of divorce.

Mr. Rempfer commented that, “beneath state laws, IRS Code Section 125, and ERISA, an employer can’t enable an employee to make alterations (like canceling coverage) unless there is a COBRA ‘qualifying event’. A COBRA qualifying event incorporates the finish of the marriage by entry of the divorce decree, or legal separation. “In other words,” Mr. Rempfer noted “the employer can not get rid of the spouse from the employer-sponsored health strategy till immediately after the divorce or legal separation is finalized.” Failing to comply with this could render the Program in violation of ERISA and COBRA.

If a spouse does cancel insurance coverage for the duration of divorce, and the other spouse, relying upon such coverage, incurs medical charges, it could be argued that the healthcare debt incurred, if incurred prior to a signed divorce decree simply because a single spouse canceled coverage, the debt should be the cancelling spouse’s sole debt. Any medical fees incurred immediately after divorce, even if one spouse believes there was coverage, would be that person’s sole debt.

Pursuant to state law, parents need to supply wellness insurance coverage for their kids following divorce. Consequently, Mr. Rempfer noted, it is essential that the Court’s divorce decree clearly set forth who bears responsibility for continuing wellness care coverage for any children. In a perfect planet, the kid would stay on an employer-sponsored health program, and hence not be topic to COBRA. In reality, if geography or other special family dynamics may possibly make this impractical. In that occasion, there may be no choice but to seek COBRA, and these additional costs related with COBRA ought to be addressed in the divorce decree.

6 Responses to “Can You Hold Your Spouse’s Health Insurance Immediately after A Divorce”

  1. Azalee February 14, 2013 at 1:36 am #

    My question is what if you recoently purchased health insurance and you were only a few weeks pregnant and found out after the fact. Will the health insurance company void coverage on maternity care?

  2. Huey March 1, 2013 at 12:10 pm #

    I have a small business with one full and several part time employees. I’m looking into paying for health insurance coverage for my one full time employee. I’ve been told I should just set a certain amount I am willing to pay for the policy and let the employee pick his coverage. How much is reasonable for a small business to pay for a monthly health insurance premium for one employee (example, $100.00 per month, $200.00 per month) What is the standard (if there is such a thing!).

  3. German March 31, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

    I’ve seen some of the proposals by the presidential candidates advocating expanded health insurance coverage.

    Is this subsidizing health insurance companies?

    Are companies that are in business for a profit the best means for health care?

  4. Buddy April 13, 2013 at 1:51 am #

    As a sole proprietorship business hiring own child for minor no-risk work, am I required to buy workers compensation insurance for the kid? Is my family health insurance coverage a legal substitute for workers compensation insurance? I am in NJ.

  5. Loreta August 24, 2013 at 10:46 am #

    Let’s say you have health insurance, however, your insurance is so awful that’s it’s nearly impossible to find the needed doctors. Can you go to a free clinic and use a sliding fee scale? Is it illegal not to tell the doctor of your health insurance coverage?

  6. Filiberto September 14, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    My boyfriend works for the government (Air Force, to be exact) as a civilian (NOT enlisted – whole different ball game as far as benefits are concerned). He gets health insurance coverage for himself, but we’re trying to figure out if the government offers health insurance coverage for significant others of civilians.

    Any ideas?

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