Claim Negotiation – Beat the Insurance Firm

13 May

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Is there a appropriate way to a productive claim negotiation? Yes there is. But you should be willing to play challenging ball. I am not kidding you. Insurance businesses are the very finest negotiators out there. They know the
guidelines, and they know when to break them. They understand the program, and they can and will take benefit of the unwary.

It does not matter if you are dealing with a private injury claim, a health insurance claim, or the total loss value of your automobile. Insurance organizations will use “dirty strategies” to get you to settle for the
least quantity possible. For example, in the case of a total loss, they will cut your rental automobile early so you do not have a vehicle to drive. The only way to get funds to go find another auto is to settle your total loss right then.

How can you manage a excellent claim negotiation? Or greater yet, how can you play difficult ball and beat the insurance organization? The greatest issue you can do is to document in writing anything about your claim. If the insurance company contacts you and tells you that the value of your automobile is at most
$10,000, then you need to tell them to put it on writing. Every little thing the adjuster says ought to be on writing. This makes insurance companies nervous since you can always show that an adjuster has misrepresented the facts or the law and they can be suit for negative faith.

You can ask the insurance adjuster to stick to up in writing. However, you can also write a letter stating the highlights of your conversation. You can also ask the adjuster for written evidence of what they
say is in your policy or is essential by law. For example, you can compose the following:

Ms. Adjuster, per our conversation nowadays, you have stated that you cannot offer a rental car for
far more than 3 days. Please provide the pertinent statute that states that. You also told me that per my policy, I had agreed to go to arbitration if you and I disagree to the worth of the settlement. Please offer the precise policy language, noting web page, paragraph, policy edition, and all pertinent definitions.
Thank you.”

You are now binding the insurance firm to its words. If you send a letter to the insurance organization, make certain you send it licensed or at least you get delivery confirmation if you ever want to prove that you did send it, then you can do that with no difficulties.

Documenting every little thing with the insurance organization is also an successful way to stay away from the typical approach of “modifying adjusters.” Insurance companies and their managers know when the “claim negotiation” is not going their way. They love to switch adjusters on you so you have to renegotiate
factors that you have currently settle on. Most insurance organizations will inform you that the adjuster went on vacation, is ill, left the insurance firm, or that they had to reassign the claim for some other cause. Though this could be legitimate, it is also very convenient. Be conscious.

If you have anything documented, a new adjuster cannot just inform you: “well sir, I am sorry Bob stated that he would give you $7,000 for your automobile, that is clearly a lot a lot more than I would ever be in a position to give you, I can only settle for $5,500.” If you do not have anything in writing, then you could have an uphill battle obtaining the value back to $7,000. But if you have this in a letter, you can show it to a lawyer, a jury, or the office of the department of insurance. You’ve got them!

The only way you can truly beat the insurance organization is by producing confident every thing is in writing, each negotiation, each and every law, every single quote or estimate. This is the only way you can hold the insurance firm up to their promises.

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