Equipment Leasing and Finance Association Services

13 Aug

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ELFA, also recognized as the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, is an organization that, amongst other things, represents financing firms and makers in the equipment finance enterprise.

The organization is specially responsible for the advocation of commercial leasing. It has members from modest businesses to Fortune one hundred companies. Businesses from the non-profit sector are also members.

A big amount of details can be located on the ELFA web site. A single of the most exciting, as effectively as useful, things on the are the helpful articles they provide. These articles offer the consumer with information relating to several essential organization issues. One can find info about the basics and positive aspects of equipment leasing pros and cons concerning leasing vs. loans and specific leasing and financing alternatives that are provided to buyers.

There is also a link on the ELFA web internet site for occasions and training. There are various occasions members of the leasing community can attend, as effectively as appropriate trainings. Extra links on the net web site offer press releases..

This net site also houses statistical and analytical data on equipment finance. The Gear Leasing and Finance Association is renowned for becoming the premier source for statistics and analyses relating to gear leasing and finance.

According to ELFA, around 1 trillion dollars worth of equipment is purchased annually, by companies in the medical, aviation and pc industries. About fifty-five % is financed by means of leases or loans. Consequently, it is important to note that it serves as an liaison among the equipment finance community and the federal government. This is to make certain sound business principles in regards to equipment leasing and financing.

To turn into an member of the Gear Leasing and Finance Association, you can produce an account on the association’s internet internet site. The benefits of becoming a member are comprehensive. You can advantage from obtaining data about investigation in the industry. There are also many email forums to facilitate discussions that are connected to the leasing industry in general. When you register to become a member of ELFA, you can participate in tax, legal, accounting and basic discussion groups.

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