Fine Art Insurance Cover Explained

7 Feb

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Get art due to the fact you like it and because it moves you, and due to the fact it enhances your life

Owning an art collection or even a single painting is a life extended journey. We are merely the temporary custodians of the art for the next generation to appreciate.

But sometime the basic act of protecting our artwork is overlooked, especially for novice collectors. Creating certain you have insurance and arranging the correct type of cover is extremely important.

How to Arrange Insurance For Your Individual Paining or Collection:

The fine art insurance marketplace is a specialist and fairly restricted market place so it really is important to use an insurance expert who understands the policy cover and most importantly can clarify any exclusions or warranties that might apply to your policy.

An “off the shelf” home insurance policy will not supply the cover your art deserves – these types of policies are made for a regular property and contents and rarely extend to a higher single post limit.

There are a quantity of specialist insurance businesses who insure artwork and give tailored cover for your paintings. Artwork can consist of paintings, sculptures, antique furnishings, ceramics, engravings and glassware. Some of the bespoke fine art insurance rewards contain:

Automatic increase in value following death of artist
Partial loss cover which pays the cost of restoration and any residual depreciation in value.
Defective Title
Art loss register

Nonetheless contrary to what several think, arranging art insurance need to have not come with an pricey cost tag.

Insurance can be arranged in conjunction with your current home insurance by taking out a separate specialist art insurance cover, or you can combine your fine art insurance with a residence insurance policy.

Each options need to be deemed dependent upon the value of your collection and your existing house insurance arrangements.

Further Measures to Guard your Fine Art:

When your fine art insurance has been arranged, you should take into account your personal precautions to minimise the prospective for creating the dreaded fine art insurance claim.

Some basic methods can be place in place to safeguard your fine art:

Maintain the piece out of direct sunlight
Never ever hang your art over an open fireplace
Keep valuable pieces away from visible windows
Employ a specialist to hang your art
Make positive you have smoke detectors
Contemplate a revaluation of your art each and every 3 – 5 years
If the artist dies the worth of your art will enhance – at this stage think about a revaluation

If you would like some impartial and confidential suggestions on arranging fine art insurance from a (established 1989) speak to our Fine art insurance group at Greenfield Insurance Services on 01489 579808

An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision. James McNeill Whistler – Artist

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  6. Toby July 22, 2013 at 1:07 am #

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  7. Silvia August 22, 2013 at 11:30 am #

    I’ve owned a home, but this is my first condo so not sure what differences I need to take in consideration…

    I was told insurance was included in the homeowner dues. I need to find out what type exactly. I know it’s not earthquake insurance. It’s a 2nd floor condo so no flood ins is needed, but what would be the type of insurance I need for a condo?
    this is a new construction if that makes any difference…

  8. Kerry August 27, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    I moved in with my widowed Father after a difficult divorce, with my children. The old house wasn’t big enough for us, but I had some capital realised in the sale of my previous home so organised some alterations. The estimate was within budget – with 10% added for unforeseen extras – so we went ahead.
    Now we have a problem. The final bill is £13 000 above the estimate.
    I could raise a mortgage, to cover the bill and allow a little for finishing touches, but my 89 year old Father is on the deeds (with me) and will need to sign – he will be so afraid of being thrown on the street, it might make him very ill – especially as a solicitor has to tell him about the risk before he signs (will explain he might lose his home). However, the bill would be paid and we would have money left to be safe and comfortable. Fixed repayment is easily within our budget at the moment and I could probably raise the amount (at a push) if made redundant. I would be mortgage free in 10 years, with a few years left before I retire, to save for a happy retirement.
    However, the mortgage insurance is fixed at almost as much as the mortgage payment! Therefore, I would have no option (as I couldn’t cover both) but to do without the mortgage insurance. If I was given notice at work, I would have to sell quickly in order to purchase a much cheaper and smaller property – using savings to keep the mortgage going until we sold.
    The house is in a beautiful place, being the family home for many years. With the extensions and alterations, it would quickly attract a buyer (though we would obviously not get its true value). My father has already indicated he doesn’t mind what we do, as long as we are all together with our own home (when we discussed whether to extend or move).
    I could take out an unsecured loan of £10000 and make up the rest from savings, but the repayment is variable rate and would be at least £200 per month to begin with and might grow outside my disposable income (which is pitifully small). The outstanding £3,000 would be made up of joint savings, taking away any chance of comfort or safety. We may not be able to keep my father as warm as he likes in the winter, or buy his favourite (cheap) treats. That’s no way to live at 89.
    I work full time with “extended hours” and can’t take on a second job. I have no partner and two dependent children. My father has a very small pension.
    I need the money quickly, to pay the builders. They have been paid the sum of the estimate and as we have only had minor changes, I anticipated a final bill of £5,000 or £6,000 at the most (which I could meet by “topping up” an existing loan which has a lowish rate – it would cost about the same as the mortgage). They didn’t supply any details of costs or estimates after the initial paperwork (although I often asked what they would charge, they would reply, oh, not much).
    My job is about 50% secure at full time. It is 90% unlikely to disappear but my hours may be reduced after Christmas, which is why I hesitate to go for a mortgage (plus the effect it may have on my father). I have skills I can use to raise money on an hourly rate to pay back a loan, but the risk is really scary.
    What do you advise? Or, is there another alternative that I haven’t considered?
    I don’t smoke, or drink regularly, or have huge credit card bills, or have a car worth more than £700. I don’t own jewellery or art or antiques. I don’t holiday abroad or wear anything but cheap clothes. One of my children has serious health issues (another reason we extended, as she is likely to become wheelchair dependent at some point).
    I took a risk which I thought was fine, but circumstances (with my job and builders’ costs) have changed. I want to take on the responsibility to put it right, but cannot take on a second job – I work from 8 to 6 and overtime two hours a night (or at weekend). By the time I’ve done this and the house, I’m exhausted. Stress is making me underachieve at work, which is so counterproductive!

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