How to Spot a Cell Phone Insurance Claim

23 Feb

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Did you buy cell phone insurance and are a small confused about the process for placing a claim? Had been you told it really is only $5/month and it covers ‘everything’? 🙂 Properly it is a little bit far more to it than that. What they in no way mention is that:

1. ‘Everything’ is relative to the cell phone company’s brochure terms.

2. In addition to the monthly fee, there is a deductible and the more costly and well-known your telephone, the more that it may well be in demand (just like a red car), the far more the deductible is.

3. You have to spot a claim and it requires on typical a week to get your replacement telephone.

4. The replacement telephone will be refurbished.

5. It really is going to be definitely a nightmare to file the claim with the cell telephone insurance firm.

Is Your Telephone Lost or Has It Been Stolen?
Get in touch with buyer care and report the phone lost or stolen as soon as you recognize it even if you program to acquire one more phone correct away (due to the fact you can be credited for these calls created on that day, supplied you get in touch with in). Otherwise, even if you did not make the calls, it will challenging to argue the point later.

If you won’t be in a position to immediately replace the phone, request a temporary restriction on the telephone so that no calls can be created or received. Dependent on the cell phone company, they may possibly be able to leave the voice mail number reside, so that you can call and retrive your messages or alter your greeting to notify callers that you are without your cell telephone temporarily and you can supply an substitute number.

How Cell Telephone Insurance Performs

* Your Cell Telephone Insurance is billed at a flat rate per month $3.95, $4.95 or $5.95 per phone and covers phones that are lost, stolen or damaged….BEYOND REPAIR aka can not be fixed. If it can be fixed, you gotta pay to have it fixed.

* Insurance has to be requested for every cell telephone on an account, so either you can request to activate insurance on the the complete account or just select phones.

* In addition to the month-to-month fee, if the phone is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, i.e. ran more than by a automobile, got wet, (be advised as a handful of insurance businesses will not cover water harm) you will need to pay a deductible on the claim. The minimum deductible can range from $35 up to almost $100.

How to spot a cell telephone insurance claim

1. Contact buyer care and inform them the problem with your phone. They will verify that the difficulty you have is covered by insurance and they will verify if you have insurance.

2. If you have insurance you will be transferred to an outside insurance organization who processes the claims for the cell telephone firm (most instances the wait is super duper extended). NOTE: If your phone was lost or stolen you have to get in touch with your neighborhood non emergency police and spot a report.

4. When placing an insurance claim, inform them THE TRUTH otherwise they have the right to DENY your claim regardless of no matter whether you spend the monthly fee or not (read the fine print on your service contract) Also note that that some cell phone insurance business do not cover water damage.

5. When the claim has been processed you can expect your replacement phone in the mail in about 5 business days. Client care can’t supply you a loaner and customer care can not replace the telephone. A few of the smaller regional U.S. cell phone companies will let you choose up your refurbished telephone in a neighborhood retail store.

6. You will be billed the cost of the deductible which could range from $35-150 dependent on the variety of cell telephone or PDA you have.

7. If the telephone was lost or stolen and returned you want to get in touch with consumer care and ask them for the very best course of action. If you try to re activate the old (lost/stolen) telephone with a new quantity on your account, consumer care has the appropriate to note your claim as fraudulent and bill your account the retail value of your replacement telephone that was received by the insurance organization. They can verify this data via your cell phone electronic serial number.

Keep in thoughts that you will never be capable to get an insurance replacement telephone inside 24 hours prior to you select to pay for insurance. If you can not be without having your phone for a week, then skip the insurance since you will not end up employing and the cash is far better spent in the direction of getting a new phone.

There is usually only a certain number of times (generally 2) that you can location a claim in a year.

If you do not have cell phone insurance, you have a handful of choices:

1. Buy a phone directly by way of the carrier. Be advised your contract will start off over.

2. Acquire a telephone at your own threat through a 3rd celebration such as ebay, craiglist or by means of a personal purchaser.

3. Cancel your service, pay the early termination fee if applicable and never replace the telephone.

You can do as you wish. You are not obligated to buy a replacement if you do not want to. Nonetheless, if you do select to cancel your contract you ought to pay both the early termination fee and for usage up till the date the telephone was lost or stolen.

11 Responses to “How to Spot a Cell Phone Insurance Claim”

  1. Dwain December 31, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    I lately were built with a traffic collision by having an illegal immigrant who had been clearly to blame. The officer explained he couldn’t understand her. Although I did not question him at that time, I appear to recall reading through somewhere that cops possess a hotline for translators.

    Is that this true?

    The lady who didn’t have license, no insurance and spoke no British was permitted to depart the scene. Whether it was because her daughter was crying to paramedics, I’m not certain however i was sorely disappointed which i was told I’d obtain a $1000 ticket basically couldn’t provide evidence of insurance by 6pm on that day yet this lady clearly had damaged laws and regulations and was permitted to depart. After I requested police about how exactly I possibly could recover my allowable ($1,000) to prevent obtaining a ticket without front bumper, I had been told it was a ‘civil matter’ not really a criminal matter and that i would need to take this lady to the court.

    My real question is HOW?

    I simply now had a call in the officer and that he states she was to blame so hopefully which will alleviate my trouble with the insurance provider. I am unable to be driving a hazardous vehicle around.

    She’d drawn from a parking area before me without searching (she was searching within the other way) and that i didn’t have time for you to stop and skidded in the future. I had been carrying out 25 miles per hour

    Wordsmith: I’d things i thought was evidence of insurance within the vehicle together with my vehicle registration, after i opened up the envelope, however, it had been a compensated bill and never exactly what the officer was searching for. And So I needed to call and obtain my policy #

    My not getting a bumper is caused by the collision. I am still unsure what type of damage ended towards the vehicle.

    good point, Art. It might have been somebody that did speak British who was without insurance or perhaps a license who struck me. However it was my understanding that certain could be arrested if they didn’t possess a license, to check this out person leave and also to hear the police couldn’t understand her appeared very unfair in my experienceOr

    to Jester: “who had been watching the street before you?Inch

    I had been, obviously. She drawn from a parking area onto a significant street where there have been cars parallel parked. I looked in disbelief that they was tugging out before me like this, hit the brakes and slid directly into her. Should you *understood* a lot you would not have proven you to ultimately be this kind of idiot.

  2. Darrell February 2, 2013 at 2:42 am #

    Joint Custody case filed 2007, never amended or changed beyond verbal agreement between Father and Mother. Father joined the Navy 2009, to help get child better insurance and pay for the 606 dollars in child support every month. Visitation continued to primary residence with the caregiver being the grandmother ( fraternal ). Mother continued to live in Savannah Georgia, with child and agreed and continued to allow the fraternal grandmother to take over visitation for when the father rarely could rush back home to see his son. Mother constantly is borrowing money from the fraternal grandparent, despite having a very good job. Mother changes address frequently within the city of residence, along with telephone numbers. Moves in with her boyfriends father, a family rumored to be smoking pot. She quits her job in March 2011, Mother rarely bathes and when child is picked up for visitation he appears to be in the same state often having a foul oder. Mother claims to fraternal grandparent he was just sweaty from playing that day.Child develops skin and scalp irritations ( appears to be cradle cap at AGE 5 ) and shows signs of serious oral health issues. Mother refuses to take son to dentist, and argues intensively with father over the issue. Father goes with father grandmother to drop off child at Mothers residence. While entering the home to use their facilities, he records the pitiful state of the residence. Trash, roaches, mold, are recorded on cell phone and later sent to Child protective services. 3 adults, 1 teenager, and 1 child live in residence no one works at this point and time. Only known source of income is child support paid to Mother. Child goes to regular doctor to get a bunch of shots that he was over due for, child starts Pre K. Father increases insurance on son and has cards reissued to mother who claims they didnt work at the dentist who son says he did not go see. Father married while stationed in Norfolk va in mid September 2011. Primary home of father remained in Savannah Georgia along with the child’s and his mothers home. Suddenly the rarely answered phone calls go to not answered at all, secondary contact of Facebook has block the father from his son. Mother suddenly allows contact on Nov 20th 2011 claiming the father should have just told him to clean the place up, despite concerns having been previously expressed about mess by fraternal grandparent. She then proceeds to tell him she is moving Dec 16th, to Sumter SC will not express reason nor give address. Some of conversation is in txt. Threatens that he will not have child for thanksgiving, Christmas, and the weekend visitation with fraternal grandparents are over. Blames Father for the results of the argument by saying he didnt tell her that He had married and thats why he nor the grandmother will be able to see Child for the holidays and weekends. Mother still refuses to tell why she is moving, suspected of running from CPS cause of the state of the trailer her and the child reside in. Eventually allows for visitation for thanksgiving and weekends until move. Refuses anything on Christmas still, saying he can only see the Child on Dec 26. Despite knowing that Father’s approved leave time is only till that day and he must return to Norfolk Va. Custody orders state that the mother has the first half of Christmas holiday, Until 2pm christmas day, and the father has the second half this year. Unless child’s residence is over 200 miles away from other parent. Then he has to get him on Dec 26 at 9am until school starts. Mother is also required to give a minimum of 30 day notice to father along with full address, before moving. The city the mother is moving too is only 165 miles from Fathers address. Thinking she may have chosen a spot that is exactly over 200 miles, What can we do to guarantee our visitation rights to his son for Christmas and do we stand a chance of getting primary custody if we file for it?

  3. Rickie February 21, 2013 at 3:46 am #

    I got into a minor accident in parking lot. I was was going to reverse so I looked both ways and in all my mirrors. A car passed behind me and when I saw it pass, I started to reverse. Then, I felt a large bump. At first, I thought it was my fault since I was backing out, but then the other driver admitted that she had started to reverse after she had initially passed behind me because she wanted my parking spot. Also, she was on the phone at the time of the accident. We exchanged insurance info but a police report was not filed since no one was hurt and neither of us had ever been in an accident so we had no idea what to do. I now feel like it wasn’t my fault, but I’m afraid she might file a claim saying I’m completely at fault. My car had some minor paint chips but her car has a huge dent on the side. How do I protect myself? Also, which one of us would be considered at fault by the insurance company?

  4. Ernest February 22, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    A cop showed up at my house saying that I backed up and hit the bumber of someone’s parked van when I was backing up yesterday and a witness left a note at the “other vehicle” with my # plate, I wasn’t drunk, not on cell phone or careless but I do not recall hitting that vehicle, my car is a honda hatchback, 3yrs ago someguy hit my bumber, I didnt get it fixed ( so I had lot of scarches at the back and I use hand paint once in a while). So the cop got all my info, it was a warm day I had my windows down, didn’t have the music on, if I did hit how could I not know that if I hit a vehicle ( I am a lawbiding citizen, I would have left a note), if the witness is one of that other vehicle’s “setup”….. that is my permenent parking spot at work, and “the other vehicle” is one of those people who park there illegally ( it is DT… hard to find a parking spot), I do not recall hitting that vehicle, I feel that I should not pay for something I didn’t do……what do I do???
    The cop said he is going to give a copy of the collison report to the ” other owner”….. should I call my insurance and explain the sittuation? How should I go about taking this to court??? Thanks for all the advices

  5. Darwin April 4, 2013 at 5:22 am #

    After being a great driver without even so much as a ticket for the past 15 years I’ve been driving, I just got into my first car accident. I had my cousin, who is 8 months pregnant & my 14 month old in the car with me while I was very carefully (my foot was lightly on the brake) pulling out of a parking spot. I was having a difficult time seeing behind me because of a large SUV parked nest to me. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a Toyota RAV4 hits the rear corner of my Honda CRV. The impact was so light, my cousin & I didn’t even flinch. I got out of my car to look at the damage. My car has one very minor scratch on the bumper. The other guys front fender looked as if it had been hit with serious impact & was completely dented in.

    Is it possible the damage on his car was there before? He’s claiming my car caused this damage & it seems suspicious to me.

  6. Ching April 28, 2013 at 11:43 pm #

    So I live in Chicago, Il. On April 8, 2010 a guy hit my car (boyfriend was driving and he’s insured on my policy) while I was at work. What happened was that my boyfriend was still in park on the side of the street, legally parked. He had just turned the car on when a car all of the sudden reverse and backed up to park in an illegal spot right in front of my car and ended up hitting my front bumper. The guy claimed to not have seen him and immediately admitted he was at fault. So they exchanged phone numbers. My boyfriend did not get his last name. Just the license plate number.

    The other driver told my boyfriend he did not have car insurance and it was his friends car. So, being nice, he let him off the hook. He texted my boyfriend stating he’d pay for the damage. When we told him the quote $340, he changed his mind and said he wouldn’t pay. I think I’m passed the deadline to file a police report. What can I do? Can I make any claims or try to get him to pay another way? I don’t have his address or anything, just cell phone number and license plate. Is it possible to sue with that information? Thanks! 10 pts best answer!
    More info:

    I talked to the other driver myself. He admitted to me he damaged my car. There is also another witness that was present in my car at the time. I also have text messages from the other driver admitting guilt. Sorry, boyfriend just doesn’t have much common sense!
    I need better answers.

  7. Alisha June 29, 2013 at 2:27 am #

    I have a Razor phone that recently got wet. I do have insurance, but I am not sure if it will cover water damage. It is with Sprint. Can anyone tell me if it will cover water damage? And does anyone know if I would have to stick with the same kind of phone if it did cover water damage?

  8. Darci July 11, 2013 at 3:54 am #

    My girlfriend was recently in a accident where she was run off of the road by some teenagers and her car was totaled. Recently, I let her use my car to run some errands and a woman backed into her while she was waiting for a parking spot (at least as the story goes). My girlfriend got the woman’s phone number, insurance policy number and insurance agents name and phone number. My girlfriend said the woman seemed very cooperative and regretful. The woman said she would call her insurance company as soon as she got home. When I got home with my car, I called her insurance agent to file the claim. The agent informed me that he hadn’t heard from her yet, but that he could begin the claim. Two days later, the insurance company was not able to reach the woman and she was not returning calls to her cell phone. The insurance company told me that 30 days must pass before they can approve the claim without hearing from the policy owner. It’s now been one week and they haven’t been able to get in touch with her. What should I do?
    I only have liability so my insurance won’t pay for it.

  9. Kymberly August 9, 2013 at 1:00 am #

    I hit a cab. There wasent really much damage, so I paid him on the spot and he signed a paper saying I paid in full for damage. I am a single mother and already high risk insurance becuase of an older accdient, so I was begging not to report it. There was a passengar in his cab, he has been driving her for awhile. He told me she was fine, but she said to try to get money for them. So she said she wanted to call paramedic. She didnt. I was in bad emotional shape and terrifed. She wanted to know I got home ok. So came home with me. She was drunk. Had wine bottle in purse. I used my daughters ipod to record the conversation. She said this is going to cost you I hate to tell you, 500. I said from her? her response waesnt understandable. I said well i paid him in full. She wanted to sleep on my couch. She was telling my daughter to look up this guy she went out on facebook, asking if she thought he was cute. she said she is a high school teacher, and was trying to talk my daughter into going to her high school next year. Was very strange. The cab guy called to see how doing, and he came back to take her home, i paid for it. He has been talking tome, said hes my witness, and nothing is wrong with her. But i have been worried what if she claims injury after fact. There was no police report as there was no injury and damage only 250-300 per car on the bumper. Last night she called the cab driver asking for free rides or she will call his cab company or go to the police. he told her she has been recorded, and she cant blackmail him,a nd hung up on her. She then called me. I told her I will call back as I wanted to get my daughters ipod to record the call. I called her back, she said she was livid with the cab driver, and she said will call me back. My friend came here so he can witness the call but she didnt call back. I texted her saying im informing you i recorded you trying to extort 500 for me and or the cab driver and if she contacts me again and continues this charade i will have no choice but to contact the police and have her charged with fraud and extortion. She didnt reply to me or the cab driver after that. I am TERRIFYED. If this gets reported my insurance I will not longer be able to drive. I will be cancelled. She knows my last name. i was horrifyed to find out my daughter when giving my cell number put in her phone with our last name. Other than that, I thik she was too drunk to remember where I lived. She never told the cabbie she was going to claim injury she just threated him to go to his cab company if he doesnt drive her. So what can happen now? we didnt break the law as the damage was under 1000 and no injury. I even recorded the cab driver on the phone telling me, he asked her over and over and she said she is fine and to try to get some money. She even told him to give her the money i gave him to send her home, as its her money. And he wouldnt. This stress and not knowing is killing me. The cab driver keeps saying he is with me and totally on my side and will tell the police insurance anyone, but the problem is. tHe accdient i had before i caused an inch and half scuff on someones car, and she wouldnt let me pay it and she reported it. There was nothing on my car. So even though no claim, my insurance wouldnt renew me and i had to go high risk. So there is no police report, no claim from the cab or me, and i have a signed paper i paid, and she only has my last name. She didnt go to hospital and i dont think seen a doctor or she would of told the cabbie when she was trying to blackmail him. Someone hit me from behind and then i hit them. The person from behind took off. There was a crack on my back bumper from them, but because they left, I was so terriyed of it going to insurance I offered to pay. The cab guy is very nice and honest. I even offered him a 1000 and he only wanted 300 to fix it. People are telling me she cant do anything now, but I heard she can claim an injury up to 2 years. But again she was recorded suggesting for me to give 500. In the recording. This happened in Ontario.

  10. Cole August 15, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    I was driving my moped to school one day in the bike lane. Then a guy in the car lane to my left deicided to turn right and not check his blind spot. He hit me and damaged my moped. I was ok thankfully. The guy who hit me then proceeded to run and he left me no personal info. He was never found. A police officer came and took a report from me and 2 other witnesses, the first witness didn’t see the crash just the aftermath, the second witness CLAIMS i was in the rode with the cars then attempted to pass and over take the car in front of me on the right, and while over taking him he hit me. The officer took my statement to and she filed a report. A few days later i get a letter in the mail saying that i am being summoned to traffic court!!! I was furious, why the hell didn’t the officer site me on scene? idk and it wasnt my fault!!!!!!.. my court date is coming up and i have a $500 fine and insurance premiums about to sky rocket. I am a 17 year old high school student I am responsible i pay for everything of mine including insurance, cell phone, car, gas, clothes you name it. should i contest the ticket, the officer didnt witness the incident I was LEGALLY in the bike lane, but its the witness that says i was not. what do i do!
    Sorry the ending may have sounded wierd, I was legally in the bike lane. the witness said i was NOT in the bike lane at all and that i was in the rode…
    I live in California if that helps.

  11. Rolland August 27, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    My physiotherapist is trying to charge me for 5 extra visits saying that I didn’t call to cancel. According to the receptionist the sign saying you must cancel 24 hours in advance is right at the front door but I didn’t see it and I was there 8 times. Everytime I went in I was in pain so I wasn’t gazing around reading walls. Plus I asked her not to make me any further appointments saying that I would call when I knew my schedule and she said that she had already put me in the book for 3 tentative appointments the following week. To me she pretty much forced them on me and then charged me when I didn’t go. Not one time was it mentioned verbally to me that I was racking up these cancellation charges. Further, nowhere on their appointment cards does it say anything about cancelling within a certain time. I would like to know if legally, they can enforce this. I think I’m being scammed!
    I apologize to those that answered my question without knowing the most important thing. A percentage of the physiotherapist’s fee is paid by my husband’s retirement benefits. The appointments are $40.00 – we pay $21.00 and insurance pays $19.00.Now they only charged me for my 8 visits without penalty but they are charging the insurance company the cancellation fee so they are paying for 13 visits. There is a certain amount that we are eligible for but there is a cap. So, at some point this will affect us because it lowers the cap. They filled out the forms and sent them in before I was even scheduled to see the therapist. And my husband did call to say that I wouldn’t be in although it was the same day. He also said that I would call them to rebook when I was able but they kept calling trying to set up the next appointments. Now that I have seen what they submitted to the insurance company I think I know why they were so adamant about my going in My apology for not being clearer.

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