Obtaining Denied For Well being Insurance is Easy

8 Apr

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Right now shopping for individual personal health insurance on the web is fairly basic. Merely variety the keywords and phrases “well being insurance” on any significant search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN and you are virtually assured to come across a multitude of web sites with designer custom produced plans. Nevertheless, too frequently customers who are just weighing their options neglect the bigger picture. It really is referred to as healthcare underwriting. Medical underwriting is a approach in which an insurer will evaluate underneath what terms and provisions they will insure an applicant if at all. Many times shoppers invest months attempting to locate the excellent advantage strategy for the very best cost only to locate out the program they applied for came back right after they submitted the application with a considerably higher value than anticipated or worse, they were declined coverage altogether and now cant get person wellness insurance because they passed up what their employer supplied.

Obtaining approved for individual wellness insurance coverage is not so straightforward.

If you had group insurance made available by your employer for most of the time you had coverage and this is the initial time purchasing for individual private health insurance, do your self a favor don’t just shop to get a really feel for the industry, take the subsequent stage and apply. Applying for coverage is the only true way you will actually know what provide will be given to you and below what terms or value. Consult with a knowledgably licensed insurance agent who is familiar with the medical underwriting recommendations of the major healthcare insurance carriers providing the coverage you look for and commence to initiate the application process. All insurance carriers on the individual marketplace will need an application to be comprehensive with the very first month’s premium deposit for consideration. The purpose why insurers request this deposit is to make sure the applicant is serious about applying considering that they will incur administrative price to determine if they will insure you or not, however some insurers will only withdraw funds if your approved even though others will take the initial months premium deposit and refund you if you decline their offer you or if you are declined coverage altogether. Fundamentally the whole process is two fold while you are thinking about them they are contemplating you.

There are numerous causes why an insurer will come back with a significantly larger price tag than anticipated in regards to the benefits you apply for or decline the application altogether. Here are just a couple of prevalent examples.

Height and Weight: The physical condition of a proposed insured is of basic significance in underwriting. One particular of the determinants of physical situation is build. Build includes height, weight, and distribution of the weight. Experience has shown that getting overweight increases the likelihood of death or sickness at all ages so for an insurer to justify the expense they will raise your rate accordingly if accepted.

Higher Blood Pressure: Hypertension or Higher Blood Pressure is an intermittent or sustained elevation of diastolic or systolic blood pressure. Hypertension is a main lead to of stroke, cardiac disease, and renal failure. Complications happen late in the illness and can attack any organ program. Cardiac complications incorporate coronary artery illness, angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure, arrhythmias, and sudden death. Neurologic complications include cerebral infarctions and hypertensive encephalopathy. Hypertensive retinopathy can trigger blindness or glaucoma. Reno vascular hypertension can lead to renal failure. Just because it is controlled does not imply an insurer will accept you, also any combination of High Blood Pressure, Higher Cholesterol, and Obesity virtually often outcome in a decline with most carriers or at least a very higher premium. The purpose for all of this is from the insures point of view at very finest you will create medical costs in the form of diagnostic test, assessments, remedy, medication or at worst heart attacks and kidney transplants costing lots of money.

Smoking: When an person makes use of tobacco in any type, no matter whether it requires chewing, dipping, or smoking cigarettes, cigars, and a pipe, is an important danger element by itself. In the past smoking or other tobacco use was regarded as in underwriting, but only seldom as a aspect of value by itself. For instance, if a person had a respiratory issue and smoked, the underwriting choice may possibly be less favorable than for an otherwise similarly situated non smoker. Smoking unaccompanied by any other negative aspect nonetheless, was not a cause for a less favorable rating and continues to be ignored as a issue in a lot of markets worldwide. Insurers now comprehend that smoking and any other tobacco use, even in the absence of any other negative factor, causes expected mortality and morbidity to be worse than typical and the degree of variation is of such significance as to warrant separate classification. So essential is this element that the average female smoker can be expected to spend virtually double the rate of the exact same non smoking male of the very same age.

Occupation: Occupational hazards are not as important nowadays as they were in the previous, despite the fact that in specific cases they can be. They could increase the danger in at least 3 distinct methods. 1st, the occupation may possibly present an environmental hazard, such as exposure to violence, irregular living, or a temptation to experiment with drugs or overindulge in alcohol. Second, the physical circumstances surrounding an occupation can have a bearing upon well being and longevity, as in the situation of persons who operate in close, dusty, or poorly ventilated quarters or are exposed to chemical harmful toxins. Ultimately there is the risk from accident, such as is faced by expert automobile racers, crop dusters, and scuba divers. An person who has not too long ago modified from a hazardous occupation to a safer kind of employment ought to be underwriting very carefully, as he or she may possibly still retain ill effects from the earlier job or since the modify may possibly have been prompted by a wellness element. It is typical to see improved premium rates for bartenders, telemarketers, tattoo artist, truck drivers, actors, singers, artist, and servers to name a handful of if they get accepted at all.

Alcohol and Drugs: Data is usually sought concerning the proposed insured’s use of habit forming drugs and intoxicating beverages. Excessive alcohol use is linked with greater than common mortality and morbidity meaning enhanced likelihood of death or sickness. If the individual applying for coverage makes use of alcoholic beverages in huge amounts, he or she may possibly be declined or provided substandard insurance while having to spend much more to get benefits, based on the degree of usage. Use of alcohol in moderation is deemed typical. Use of drugs not prescribed by a physician or drug abuse may possibly contact for a declination dependent on the sort of drug. A background of misuse or unsupervised use could demand an added rate increase depending upon the length of time considering that the drug or drugs were employed, the nature of the treatment given, and whether there has been participation in a continuing help system such as Alcoholics Anonymous

Hazardous Sports and Avocations: Persons with a greater regular of residing and browsing for new ways to devote their leisure time frequently resort to hobbies and avocations. Such activities as scuba diving, mountain climbing, competitive racing, hand gliding, and sky diving clearly can involve a substantial further hazard to be deemed in the underwriting procedure. If a hazard causes improved expected mortality and the person is insurable on some basis, he or she usually is charged a flat extra premium commensurate with the risk. A rider excluding death or hospital expenditures resulting from participation in the hazardous activity could be employed sometimes. Also, riders excluding coverage for accidental injuries triggered by football, basketball, or baseball players are not uncommon.

Something: For these that think you are completely healthful, you are in for a huge surprise. Even if you were in no way officially diagnosed with an uninsurable healthcare situation and by the way the list is endless, if you have not had coverage for some period of time a paramedical examination will have to be performed and insurers will be evaluating the test outcomes very closely. Special attention will be given to the liver enzymes such as bilirubin, specific pressures in the kidneys such as the glomerular filtration rate which measures the rate of clearance of waste toxins you are capable of getting rid of from your body and specific proteins in the physique such as albumin. There genuinely is not adequate area inside the scope of this writing to cover every little thing but it is essential that you realize the causes an insurer will decline your application or make you pay much much more than anticipated is unlimited.

As a final note: The finest tips I could give to customers contemplating person well being insurance coverage is to steer clear of trying to do it your self and instead seek the solutions of a licensed specialist insurance agent who is not a captive agent operating primarily with one carrier but is appointed with numerous carriers so he or she can location you with the carrier who will situation the coverage you look for with the value you can afford. Just bear in mind you truly do not know what you get till you apply. If you are accepted and you do not like the offer the insurer offered you, you can simply refuse and get refunded your fist month’s premium as lengthy as you are inside your free of charge appear period as mandated by applicable state and federal law.

For those of you nevertheless not prepared to apply but require far more queries answered please really feel no cost to login to our site at and register your data and 1 of our consultants will be pleased to assist you even if you are not however prepared to apply. At the quite least by speaking with one particular of our consultants you will have a much more accurate picture of what will happen anytime you are ready to initiate the health insurance application process with the insurance carrier you select.

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  1. Romeo December 30, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    I’m looking for an individual medical health insurance plan at this time and I’ve been attempting to understand each plan’s conditions and terms for pre-existing conditions. To begin with, do insurance providers get access to all medical documentation from doctors’ offices or will they can just learn about issues which have been worked with through past insurance claims? For example, I lately visited visit a nurse specialist about some signs and symptoms I’ve been getting. I’d a lady annual exam along with a urine test done and am still waiting around the results. Can an insurance provider obtain access to any one of these details?

  2. Trina December 30, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    Dear ALL, thank you for advice. However have made the decision to reside together until am financially stable to re-locate by myself, however i keep getting summons by folks especially my Father, he doesn’t such as the atmoshpere in the home and that he states its within my welfare to make certain that they’re pleased with me constantly to ensure that will be well beside me estimating in the bible “recognition your folks to ensure that it might be well along with youInch in reality anything am summoned I request for forgiveness, say am sorry. But what am not doing would be to sit together all day long ( they’re pensioners and My home is their house) laughing and faking conversations to ensure they are happy since i have a lot try to do in order to earn a living and am confused by their behavior and actions, would like to are accountable to government bodies although not within my culture except the chapel about what is happening in your home am so grieved and depressed being around them, I attempt so difficult to become good and the peace however they want me to reside to ensure they are happy not lock myself within my room ( am battling to earn a living, they’re living an excellent existence, good pension, health insurance am still battling a little though I won’t admit for them simply because they are already saying it won’t be well beside me basically dont recognition my parents and that i can pray as lengthy when i want as i have to obey God, am not disobedient for them, they simply complain that a home is hardened and that i dont share my existence together when i should, the final hay that helped me puzzled was them not attending my siblings wedding i.e. their son’s wedding since the brides family are’nt christian believers etc, well i gave my buddy my support and was because the mother, my Father wasn’t happy that people the brothers and sisters didn’t take his side, despite getting talks and settling with him to go to the marriage. Also, he pointed out tha my buddy continues to be disrespectful to him much like he’s saying about me now, so he’d deny us his presence and blessing at wedding therefore it appears, that they states is vital within our existence. I’ve been not able to concenterate on my small work because there’s no harmony in your home, my more youthful brothers and sisters are married and managed to move on, however it appears God is punishing me becuase i don’t recognition my parents , what must i do? and so i dont get another summons by my Father again. He appears to become happy that situations are not exercising for me personally but still under their roof while he keeps saying until I recognition them etc and alter the climate of the home for God to maneuver ……. it can make me feel am not really a christian or am rebelious etc am just confused along with a wee bit frustrated because ave reached accept this a minimum of meanwhile until something calculates. I truly do enjoy what am doing (teaching )though not getting me a lot of money like things i have formerly been educated to will i.at the. (accounting) again he thinks am taking the easiest way out and indicates to depart my teaching job and praying relating to this large burglary a large company being an accountant or whatever he’s thinking( he had been giving me pocket money at 37years old until i recieve this large break) however made the decision to not take money from their store but to return to my teaching job fortunately my position was still being vacant and awaiting me (and that he stated am taking the easiest way out). Despite the fact that it doesn’t pay around corporate jobs am happyOrsatisfied also it keeps me away from home for many hrs during the day. I simply require a seem mind and healthy space to think about the way i can change my passion right into a lucrative vocation and it is tricky in your own home , they not giving me some time and space to consider and process ideas , they need me following them all around the house discussing everything together. I dont want all of this to affect my mood in class cos I truly love school and dealing with kids. My employment there’s according to my pure passion and enthusiasm, dedication , even even without the formal teaching or education qualification. I have to cut costs to acquire formal education ( my existence is beginning late but just before now I’d thought a great existence incorporated professional jobs like being a physician or accountant ( that we trained for) which wasn’t my existence ) I am sorry with this lenghty describtion, I really hope its coherent enough to know what am trying to place across, just really required to vent . Interesting advice, suggestions etc

  3. Earleen December 31, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    Ok, to really make it simpler for you personally, i’ll explain inside a simple way. I must write an agrumentive paper in my british final tues (the twelfth). they gave us 8 subjects to select from, and so i broke it lower to four of these I can decide on. My issue is to think about a minimum of 3-4 explanations why To be sure or disagree using the subject I select, this way I understand things to write within my paragraph. I’ll write lower the 3 subjects I selected and that i only need 3-4 useful primary good reasons to support my agrument. Here they’re going:

    1) Would our roads be safer when we had more stringent gun control law? To be sure.

    2) Should using creatures in scientific research be prohibited legally? I disagree

    3)Should gay or lesbian couples be legally permitted to marry very much the same as heterosexual couples? I’m on sides here, in my experience it is dependent I suppose.

    4)Should aided suicide be legalized in California? I’m also on sides here, again it is dependent around the situation.

    Please, I want assist with 3-4 good reasons to support my situation.

    The ultimate will be 1250+ words therefore it would be very convenient if a person can provide me reasons why they’d agree of disagree. It does not need to be lengthy, I simply require a subject sentence for you to use.

  4. Rubin December 31, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Governor Martinez stated she’s another situation to back her push to repeal the questionable license law using the arrest more people caught taking advantage of it.

    “Sunny” Poonawala is charged with getting illegal immigrants to Albuquerque to obtain driver’s licenses, charging them $6,000 each.

    Border patrol arrested him and 4 others at Albuquerque’s Amtrak Station boarding a train to Chicago.

    This is actually the sixth license fraud situation looked into previously 7 several weeks in Boise State Broncos.

    http://world wide web.kasa.com/dpps/news/politics/motorists-license-arrest-helps-gov.’s-law_3723464

    And for the insurance coverage problem, Boise State Broncos still ranks as getting the greatest rate of without insurance motorists in america.

    Boise State Broncos is among three states that permit illegal immigrants to acquire a condition license another two are Utah and Washington.

    Our state’s license fiasco also puts us at odds using the federal government’s Real ID Act, which necessitates that certain security and knowledge features be integrated into each card. Additionally, it necessitates that the Automobile Division institute security standards for giving licenses, have the ability to verify the origin of documents supplied by a job candidate, and verify evidence of identity and also the authorized status of this applicant.

    When the condition does not obtain a better handle how it issues driver’s licenses and condition identification, New People in mexico might be barred from boarding planes and refused use of federal structures.

    This law should be repealed, however it apparently will not happen this season. We’ve Maestas, Chasey and O’Neill by way of thanking for your.

    More and more people are scrambling to Boise State Broncos … also it is not for the breathtaking landscapes, tourist points of interest or our famous eco-friendly chile.

    • Condition police this past year arrested several Chinese excellent once they compensated a guy $500 for forged documents that stated these were citizens of recent Mexico. Two more Chinese excellent were apprehended inside a separate incident including the purchase of faux residency documents.

    • Last September, a Costa Rican along with a Brazilian were billed with assorted counts of forgery and conspiracy. The Costa Rican was charged with using fake lease contracts to obtain Boise State Broncos driver’s licenses for

    a mystery quantity of other Costa Rican excellent, as the Brazilian national allegedly compensated $3,000 to obtain licenses to have an unknown quantity of his fellow countrymen.

    • An Illinois guy last This summer was charged with helping about 13,000 Polish immigrants get driver’s licenses in Albuquerque.

    And individuals are just cases which have been reported in media.

    Condition authorities say it is sometimes complicated to acquire a Boise State Broncos license, but we disagree. People only have to produce two proofs of identification and 2 proofs of recent Mexico residency often a electricity bill o

  5. Wilber December 31, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    I discovered this letter on the Yahoo cover story concerning the immigration laws and regulations in AZ…

    Let me know your ideas.

    Dear Leader Calderon (& Mexican Senate),

    I’m likely to move my loved ones and relatives (in 18-20 several weeks) into Mexico in my health, and I must request you to definitely assist me. We intend to skip all of the legal things like visas, sexual, immigration quotas and laws and regulations. Please realize that I’ll be expecting the next:

    1. Free health care in my whole family

    2. British-speaking government bureaucrats for those services I would need, whether I personally use them or otherwise

    3. All Mexican government forms have to be also printed in British.

    4. I would like the kids to become trained The spanish language by British-speaking (bilingual) instructors.

    5. Schools have to include cl—- on American history and culture.

    6. I would like my children to determine the American flag on among the flag rods in their school.

    7. Please intend to feed my children in school for breakfast and lunch.

    8. I’ll require a local Mexican license in order to get quick access to government services.

    9. I actually do plan to obtain a vehicle and drive in Mexico, however i don’t intend to purchase vehicle insurance, and that i most likely perform any special effort to understand local traffic laws and regulations.

    10. Just in case among the Mexican cops don’t get the memo using their leader to depart me alone, make sure that each patrol vehicle has a minumum of one British-speaking officer.

    11. I intend to fly the U.S. flag from the house top, put U.S. flag graphics on my small vehicle, and also have a gigantic celebration on This summer 4. I don’t want any complaints or negative comments in the local people.

    12. I’d also enjoy having a pleasant job without having to pay any taxes, and have any labor or tax laws and regulations enforced on any company I might start.

    13. Please tell all of the Mexican individuals to be very nice never say a vital reasons for me or my loved ones, or concerning the strain we may put on their economy.

    Thanks, I am certain this can be done easily as America is doing this for several years!

    U.S. citizen and citizen


  6. Rickie December 31, 2012 at 11:04 am #

    A Justice Roberts brought Top Court has given British petroleum the simple pitch using their 2010 ruling:

    In The month of january 2010, Justices, 5-4, Reject Corporate Investing Limit

    WASHINGTON — Overruling two important precedents concerning the First Amendment privileges of companies, a bitterly divided Top Court on Thursday ruled the government might not prohibit political investing by companies in candidate elections.

    http://world wide web.nytimes.com/2010/01/22/us/politics/22scotus.html

    Along with a Rose bush hired Conservative US Top Court safeguards corporate/special interests in Exxon Valdez spill.

    Within the situation of Baker v. Exxon, an Anchorage jury granted $287 million for actual damages and $5 billion for punitive damages. The punitive damages amount was comparable to just one year’s gain Exxon in those days.

    To safeguard itself just in case the judgment was confirmed, Exxon acquired a $4.8 billion line of credit from J.P. Morgan & Co. Therefore gave J.P. Morgan the chance to produce the very first modern credit default swap in 1994, to ensure that J.P. Morgan will not have to carry a lot profit reserve (8% from the loan under Basel I) against the chance of Exxon’s default.

    Meanwhile, Exxon become a huge hit the ruling, and also the ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals purchased the initial judge, Russel Holland, to lessen the punitive damages. On December 6, 2002, the judge introduced he had reduced the damages to $4 billion. After more appeals, and dental arguments heard through the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on The month of january 27, 2006, the damages award was cut to $2.5 billion on December 22, 2006. A legal court reported recent Top Court rulings in accordance with limits on punitive damages.

    Exxon become a huge hit again. On May 23, 2007, the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused ExxonMobil’s request another hearing and let stand its ruling that Exxon owes $2.5 billion in punitive damages. Exxon then become a huge hit towards the Top Court, which decided to hear the situation.[23] On Feb 27, 2008, the Top Court heard dental arguments for 1 hour 30 minutes. Justice Samuel Alito, who at that time, possessed between $100,000 and $250,000 in Exxon stock, recused themself in the situation. Inside a decision released June 25, 2008, Justice David Souter released the judgment from the court, vacating the $2.5 billion award and remanding the situation to a lesser court, discovering that the damages were excessive regarding maritime common law.

    Exxon retrieved a good portion of unpolluted-up and legal expenses through insurance claims.

    Will the Oil companies buy conservatives to energy simply to ‘save’ a couple of Billion dollars? Relatives from the deceased have only a couple of votes along with a couple of dollars – won’t buy lots of ‘free’ speech with conservatives nowadays?

  7. Richelle December 31, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    I understand that does not everyone dislikes the nation and also the people and lots of like it. I’d like to listen to what your thinking are concerning the people and social issues, do you consider individuals are generally rude or nice? unhealthy or healthy-both psychologically and physically? what exactly are good points? bad points? do you consider the united states was to enter WWI und World war 2? consider things that lead the united states to individuals points. PLEASE NOT RUDE COMMENTS, NO GO USA!!!!!! OR SCREW US Among The Finest OPINIONS! ^^ OH!!!!!! and please help make your comments as lengthy as possible I must read particulars in your solutions ^^ Danks ^^ I’ll publish particulars as read your comments ^^

    A lot longer Please!!!!!! ^^ Danks oh with no this isn’t for varsity just personal interest ^^ I’m completed with school just like to discover people and concepts ^^

    Danks but a lot longer more defined reasons and concepts please! ^^ oh and that i often hear that before to that particular it is the government, however i disagree even when the federal government isn’t good those who support it would need to, by logic be even worse then If They’re FREE Within Their COUNTRY OR SUPPORT IT ^^

  8. Bess December 31, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

    Insurance expired.

  9. Patricia January 5, 2013 at 4:29 am #

    I’m a 23 years old male. I accept my parents. I had been let go in march and also have no job. I’ve no girlfriend. I am unable to afford to visit college because I’m a whitened middle-class male and for that reason am not qualified for just about any grants or loans or government financial loans. I’ve no medical health insurance. I’ve not left the house by 50 percent several weeks since i don’t have any what to do with no money to invest.

    I had been identified having a right on the sides ear disease after i was 15. It causes severe, violent, random attacks of vertigo and hearing problems. I’d nuclear physics in 2008 to repair it, they severed my right balance nerve and so i wouldn’t have the vertigo. The condition has joined my left ear, leading to once more: severe, violent, random attacks of vertigo. There’s nothing they are able to do now because they have severed my right balance nerve, and you’ll want a minimum of 1 to even hold your mind up. I’m hard of hearing within my right ear and also have under 60% hearing within my left ear. I’ll be hard of hearing over the following five years.

    I had been refused for disability and unemployment. I’ve thought about being a military pilot my entire existence. In 2007, I received my private aircraft pilots license. I simply lost my medical certificate because of my ear disease now I’m able to never fly again. I lost my motorists license due to the random attacks of vertigo and needed to sell my motorcycle. I had been refused entrance into every branch from the military and also the 39 credits of school I handled to scrape up money for are useless since they’re towards a diploma in Professional Aeronautics.

    now I spend time at the house… not able to operate… and not able to visit anywhere…

    seriously… what’s the reason for getting out of bed tomorrow…. and do not say have belief or everything happens for any reason or some b.s. like this

    where it is possible to light in the finish of the tunnel….

    with no…. speaking with someone won’t change the truth that I’ve had every goal within my existence… obtained from me

    I cant work a-hole….. i’m constantly dizzy…. you know me what retail establishment will hire me after i constantly need to on-site visit and that i will apply there at this time… exactly… there is not one

  10. Irma April 7, 2013 at 11:25 am #

    I’m not very clear on what Obamacare actually is. Is it like madicare where poor people can get health coverage? Is there a list of providers? Or is it just a rule that makes health insurers not able to deny you due to previous conditions?
    I ask because I’m a waitress who makes 30k a year and have no insurance. I would love to get some and was hoping that Obamacare would make it easier to obtain and more within my budget.

  11. Catharine April 26, 2013 at 5:11 am #

    Who are the top 6 health insurance plans in Indiana in terms of number of patients covered? I believe Anthem is number one?

  12. Scott May 1, 2013 at 5:30 pm #

    What information is shown to the subscriber of health insurance?
    I am under my parent’s insurance and need to go to the doctor for personal reasons that I do not want them to see. Will it show specific information like what was done and what prescriptions I got, or just general information like office visit and Rx?

  13. Drema May 3, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    Am currently in a dispute with a seller about an item I bought on ebay about a month ago. Item in question cost around £60 including postage. Seller apparently posted it 3 weeks ago but nothing has arrived so I’ve opened a Paypal dispute. Thing is in the listing the seller says “I’m not responsible for any items lost in the post” in their listing, which I only noticed afterwards because it was in really small print at the bottom, and they have been extremely arrogant in the dispute console saying by purchasing the item I’d agreed to their T&Cs and it’s my fault that I didn’t pay extra for insurance (postage was £6 which I thought would include some sort of insurance because of the cost of the item)…does this mean I don’t have a leg to stand on?? A friend of mine said it’s up to the seller to make sure the item arrives, who is right? Oh and they’re a private seller not business. Since I paid by credit card can I ask my credit card company to sort this out? Thanks for any help!
    Sorry, forgot to add that paid via Paypal funded with my credit card, we’re currently in Paypal dispute. Seller apparently has proof of postage, but will Paypal find it in their favour because they had stated they “were not to be held responsible for items lost” in their listing? Just not sure where I stand on this 🙁

  14. Karlyn May 17, 2013 at 9:04 am #

    She says that it would be true universal health care. But she is actually putting a mandate upon people to purchase it rather than being provided with it by employers or the governement. Would it make it easier to obtain affordable health insurance with much better coverage? Or is it not an option?

  15. Alma May 19, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

    I need to get health insurance for me and my 1 year old daughter. I am planning on becoming, or possibly already am pregnant but need insurance for us. Any help? This is in CT, so it is a state that does not require individual policies to cover pregnancy.

  16. Humberto June 15, 2013 at 8:48 pm #

    They have dragged this on for a year and a half and just keep delaying and making wild accusations almost every single day, sleeping with the babysitter, punching the kids, threatening her all the while I was taking care of her because she had two seizures one day. I have the kids 100% she gets a 55/45 ruling even though she admittedly drinks heavy, pops pills, and was driving without a license, it goes on and on, a judge who doesnt care, a FCS counselor goes against: drinking, prescriptions drugs, seizures, panic attacks, with her refusing counseling, refusing to quit drinking and getting all the judgements for her while I take care of her and the kids. How can I stop this train wreck?

  17. Timmy August 22, 2013 at 11:18 am #

    I suffer from the following illness Chronic Pancreatitis; Diabetes (Type 1); Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain; Diabetic Gastroparesis; Hypertension; Hypothyroid; Nosocomephobia; Parkinson’s Disease; Severe Depression Sleep Apena (use CPAP Machine) Two Heart Attacks (permanent heart damage) I haven’t been able to work full time since Dec 2004, was able to work part time up until Nov 2006. One of the major issues for this is my Nosocomephobia, I have a true fear of hospitals, and usually check myself out against doctor recommendations. I do alot of self medicating or just suffer through the pain. I am not afraid of doctor’s, have lots of medical records at doctor’s office, and Urgent Care Stations. I would just like to find some examples and tips on how to get approved as fast as I can for my family’s sake, or go for Life Insurance Money. If anyone has any helpful info I would really appreciate it. Finances are getting tough, and I am sinking deeper and deeper into depression

  18. Kerry September 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

    The law would be something like this (put into appropriate legalese, of course):

    1. Bolt-action rifles and breech-loading shotguns are exempt from all of the following provisions.
    2. In order to own a gun (except as noted above), you must have a gun license.

    3. To get a gun license, you must go to , pass a brief written gun safety test, and pass a brief practical test (not unlike what is currently done with driver’s licenses). You must also give the government your address and proof of identity, and you must be above some legal minimum age (probably either 16 or 18), not a convicted felon, and never involuntarily committed to a mental institution, unless your gun rights were legally restored subsequently.
    4. The license may not cost more than the approximate per-license cost to the government of issuing the licenses (that is, the government can’t just jack up the price because they feel like it, or to make money, it has to be at or below cost)

    5. All guns sold (except as noted above) must be registered, with the owner’s license number recorded. Registration is to be free to the gun owner (or, at most, have a very nominal cost, think $10 max). For all sales, including resales by private individuals, the buyer’s gun license must be checked by a licensed gun dealer (different license, btw…) or appropriate government official.
    6. If a gun is sold or given to a new owner, the registration must be transferred as well. Guns may not be sold or given to anyone without a gun license. If a previously unregistered (eligible) gun is sold or transferred, it must be registered.
    7. Gun owners (except as above) must carry liability insurance to cover reasonable damages if someone is shot with their gun.

    8. If police have reasonable cause to suspect that a particular gun was used in the commission of a crime, they have the right (with a warrant) to test the gun’s owner and the gun for signs that it was used thus.
    9. If someone is in a public place with a gun, they may be required to present their gun license. If they do not have a license, the gun can be confiscated by the police, and returned only once the proper owner shows up with the license and registration (or, if it was not previously registered, once the owner obtains a license and registration, and pays a fine for carrying an unregistered gun). But, unless some other crime was committed (for example, if the person with the gun was a convicted felon), there will be no other penalty for carrying an unregistered gun, and you don’t even have to pay the fine if you never retrieve the unregistered gun (it will be sold at auction or destroyed if unclaimed for too long, however). This does not apply to guns on private property, except at the request of the property owner.

    10. If any government agency or official makes it unduly difficult for a law-abiding, sane adult to obtain a gun license, to register a legally obtained gun, and/or to legally retrieve a confiscated gun, the affected individual may legally sue the government for denying them their second-amendment rights, including reasonable punitive damages.
    11. Failure to comply with any of the above provisions, except as noted, is to be a misdemeanor, except for particularly egregious repeat offenders (think gun dealers who repeatedly sell to felons).

    So, short version, to have a gun, other than a few exempt long arms, you need to have a license, register it, and have insurance on it. But the government can’t jack you around about obtaining said license or registration, and you don’t have to prove you have same if your gun never leaves your property. Pretty nearly exactly how we treat cars, I believe.

    Any thoughts? Any provisions you object to, or would want to alter?

    Please only respond to this proposed hypothetical law, not all possible slippery-slope results of same.
    Gunny: but if we make things more *difficult* for criminals, then at least only the really *smart* criminals will be able to obtain firearms, and they’re the ones less likely to go around randomly shooting people or whatever…
    Ryde: voter fraud, even if it was happening in a way that requiring IDs could prevent, never killed anyone, to my knowledge…
    1. Gun-safety courses should be free, but they should not be required.
    Why not?

    2. Gun registration is unconstitutional as it violates the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures.
    How so? How is requiring a gun registration any more “unreasonable search and seizure” than requiring car registration?

    3. What do you mean liable if someone else is shot with their gun? If it’s a criminal who is shot, I don’t give a damn. I believe they already are liable.
    If, for example, your kid takes your gun to school and shoots someone with it, you would be liable…

    4. How would you justify this “reasonable cause”?
    If, for example, someone has motive to commit a particular crime, and they own the right sort of gun, getting a warrant to check the gun would be pretty nearly automatic.

    5. I would sue the government for forcing me to register the gun. Criminals don’t register weapons, so what is your point?
    The point is, it would make
    …it easier to distinguish legally-owned vs illegally-owned guns, so the police could more easily take guns *away* from criminals who have them.

    6. Why aren’t “assault weapons” exempt from this law?
    Why would they be? They’d be treated like other (non-exempt) guns, basically.

    7. “If someone is in a public place with a gun, they may be required to present their gun license….
    That would only apply to open carry people, and again, why do I need to register my gun?
    Open carry, or if police find it in a pat-down, or if police ask about the funny bulge in your pants, or if police catch a glimpse of it… and you need to register your gun to make it easy to tell if you are its legal owner, and are legally allowed to own a gun, or not.
    Kim: no law is perfect, and at least this law would make it a little easier to find that kind of gun trafficker; if someone’s buying a lot of guns, police could get a warrant to make sure they actually have the guns they’ve bought… it may not stop the smart criminals, but it should at least stop the dumb ones.

    Good point on the insurance, I guess it should be replaced with… you have some degree of criminal liability if someone is shot with your gun, except in the event of theft.

  19. Mckenzie September 8, 2013 at 8:53 am #

    I am accused of conspiracy to torture and murder for three people because I told someone that there plan to torture someone made sense, although it shouldn’t be done. I did not think the person would actually do it and I told them it would be stupid to kill anyone and they would get caught. Unfortunately they wanted to do this for me because i was being bullied at school, so i have a motive and its “about me”
    I want to flee the country to get protection but these agents have been following me and constantly interrogating me around town. They even followed me to Mexico. They say they want to kill me, to dump me in the ocean like they did to bin laden. I am a law student with a LSAT in the 98th percentile
    Canada is easy to run too, where else should i try?

  20. Maryetta September 14, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

    A friend of mine split with her husband because of his unreasonable behavior. During this period she was clearing out his home office and found a bunch of papers. Amongst these papers were a copy of his birth certificate, and to her surprise, a copy of his death certificate. Well the names matched. On the death cert. was his occupation which he´d filled in as a RAF Pilot. He has of course denied all knowledge and is still in complete denial. How easy is it to obtain certificates such as these, and further more, wouldn´t there need to be a body? Is it a possible insurance scam? Who should be informed?

  21. Lance September 19, 2013 at 3:34 am #

    I’m an outdoorsman and like self reliance and simplicity. There are many like me, but it doesn’t seem that many ask my question. Most seem to move out west for the solitude, but I basically want to go straight north. I’m a born n raised Wisconsin boy and the nature of North Wisconsin/MN/UP of Michigan/Ontario is generally the same, except for the fact that Ontario kicks the poo out of all the others I just listed. I am really fond of and familiar with this type of landscape. Problem is that it’s getting too crowded up here in N. Wisconsin. I am a US Citizen and want to know my best path to getting some raw land in Ontario (or anywhere else in Canada for that matter) to build my home on. I don’t want to be near a city – I want the true solitude. And I know Alaska is an easy option, but I don’t want to have to go ALL the way across a country to visit friends and family when I choose to. I don’t care if I get voting rights and whatnot. It doesn’t mean anything to me.

    I have the money saved to buy land (I guess it depends on where due to price) but I just want to know if I would go about it basically like buying land (cash) in the USA – that is, buy the land and be done with it. It’s mine and I can be here as long as I want.

    Any good advice or resources that would help me find land and how to go about purchasing it? Oh, and I figure that 10 (or more) acres is enough since the surrounding land would be crown land and navigable if I choose to hunt or fish on it.

    This place would be used for recreation and vacation to start with, and would turn into a permanent living place most likely.
    In response to Comicbook Reader – So let’s say I was able to find a part time job. This would qualify me to be in Canada – say in an apartment for temporary living. But how would I then move to my land? Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to work and be on my property. If I quit my job, would I then have to move back to the USA? It just seems so silly to me – like the only way to reach my goal would be to beat around the bush and come up with some scheme.

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