Warning Signs of Mass Debt

15 Feb

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It is so easy to fall into debt, so much so that when you realize about how much money you actually owe, it may happen that you are already in a mass debt that looks like it is impossible to break through. However, mass debt is a problem that can be avoided if you are aware enough on how to detect some of its early warning signs.

Beware of Plastic Money

Actually there are two types of plastic money; debit cards and credit cards. These are usually the main problems when it comes to mass debt that goes out of control. Actually a credit card is required to gain access to different types of services that cannot be activated with a debit card otherwise. However, people tend to believe that the more credit cards they have, the better social status they could achieve, when the only thing that having too many credit cards may bring is a huge debt if they do not have control over it.

Too Many Loans

Getting payday loans, personal loans, mortgages, auto loans, and other loans that are used for different purposes with each one possibly increasing your debt in no time. Simply the high interest rates of a payday loan may significantly increase your debt alone. Although, the law prevents that you can have more than one standing payday loan, some states may allow it, or may not have regulations about having this and other types of loans at a time, but you must better avoid them.

Your Spending Habits

Warning signs of mass debt can be easily detected by the way you spend and manage your money, particularly your credit cards. If your credit card exceeds 10% or more your net income, if you make the minimum payments required or skip payments, or if you simply spend more than you earn on a regular basis, you are probably working your way to developing mass debt.

Other Warning Signs

Mass debt may also occur when you pay your bill after the due date, get cash advances to pay for utilities, borrow money from your family, or issue checks that are bounced, but you might not notice this until you get your services cut off, or the collection agencies start to call. Review where your money goes and cut yourself off from unnecessary expenses, loans and credit cards before it is too late for your personal finances.

5 Responses to “Warning Signs of Mass Debt”

  1. Tamatha August 30, 2013 at 9:34 pm #

    Mass. woman’s 1 cent debt paid in full – A 74 year old blind woman’s 1 cent debt to a Massachusetts city has been settled. People from across the country called Attleboro City Hall on Tuesday offering to pay the 1 cent balance owed by Eileen Wilbur for an overdue water and sewer bill. Antonio Viveiros, a former city councilor who does not know Wilbur, wrote a check for one penny. He says he was “irked” by the fact that the federal government can spend billions for bailouts, yet a senior citizen was threatened with a lien on her home over 1 cent.

    Wilbur’s daughter first noticed the letter that warned of a lien and a $48 penalty if the overdue bill was not paid by Dec. 10.

    Mayor Kevin Dumas says the whole situation was blown out of proportion.

    Let’s let countries that owe us billions of dollars off without paying us back but then condone something like this. Craziness for sure.

  2. Tracy August 30, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    i don’t understand what he did so wrong, please tell me?
    anything and everything he did wrong, or at least what you think he did wrong.

  3. Daniel August 31, 2013 at 12:08 am #

    During his 7 year reign of terror thus far, please share, thx.

  4. Odell September 13, 2013 at 10:49 pm #



    All we need is a major crisis which will make all the nations of the world (including China) embrace the new world order

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will except the New World Order.”
    David Rockefeller

    What can this crisis be?
    Global warming?

    Any ideas……anyone?? >>>>>>>>
    Yes its socialism, ive read a quote from a leader that the new world would have socialist views

    Yes thats the greatness of this crisis
    what will be needed to make China accept it?
    I dont know

  5. Junior September 15, 2013 at 6:15 am #

    1.- Converted the biggest SURPLUS in history in the biggest DEFICIT IN HISTORY: that is is simple terms: incredibly BIG DEBT FOR ALL AMERICANS

    2.-Denied in the early 2000’s and not so long ago that “Global Warming did not exist” now he says that IT DOES (interview few months ago)…and rejected to sign the Kyoto Protocol (the only major country not to do so)…

    3.-Invaded a country that NEVER ATTACKED THE US (the guys from 9/11 were ALL SAUDIS and by the way some of them are actually alive and they stated that they didnt know how to fly an airplane (not a clue)…and invaded this country under the premise that they had “weapons of mass destruction” which WERE NEVER FOUND!!!!!!! it is like saying that your neighbour who lives actualy several blocks away has a gun and wants to kill you and then you go and set his house on fire and children and inoccent people die and at the end you found that such gun never existed…it is UNBELIEVABLE how some people can still defend Bush

    4.- Has gotten caught ON TAPE EMBARASSINGLY in which he doesnt even know how to talk or he doesnt have a clue and HE IS IN THE MOST POWERFUL OFFICE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

    5.-Bush has alienated our allies and created the BIGGEST ANTIAMERICANISM since the 70’s, NOW THANKS TO HIM it is realy dangerous for americans to travle overseas and like a TV report the other day many americans put a Canadian flag on their bags or jackets so thet they are SAFER.

    6.-Created the BIGGEST HOUSING AND MORTGAGE CRISIS IN AMERICA thanks to his failed economic policies, maybe the rich are ok but the average american is it ok?

    Oh my god i have another 20 things to say but i m really ticked off now….comments?
    and please conservatives GIVE ME FACTS dont give me just words the things i just wrote above are FACTS that EVERYBODY KNOWS it is not the “media that manipulates you” these are FACTS….now EVERY BODY CAN BE ATTACKED cuz they can have some PROS AND CONS but honestly my point is that Bush is UNDEFENDIBLE …PLEASE VOTE OBAMA BIDEN 08 if u really care about America and your children….
    for all those people who dared to defend Bush I will paste my answer tomorrowbut i just domt have the time to do it now.cuz its gonna be really long…anyway thanks for your answers
    To someone who challenged my views below:

    You said: THE PRZ IS NOT IN CHARGE OF SPENDING CONGRESS IS…ok here it is more than obvious that the one who is wrong is you…before the 2006 election the Congress was REPUBLICAN and by then the DEFICIT WAS ALREADY SKYROCKETING, also republicans always complain that democrats want to make BIG GOVERNMENT but hey you guys are the ones who are spending WAY MORE and the worst thing is that u are spending in a war that was illegal and THAT IS MY SECOND POINT: You say that WE KNOW HE HAD WMD’S…BUT the question here is so what?? we attacked Irak in 91′ and in 12 years they didnt attacked or did anything to us cuz THEY COULDNT they just didnt have the means to do it sure Saddam was a dictator and killed his own people but that doesnt mean he could attack the US….Personal feelings played a BIG PART on Bush deciding to go to war against Irak and u know what??? shame on him cuz only for that over 4,000americans are dead….how’s that fair?
    another person wrote below and it is very wel documented: here i quote “truth seeker”…nder the United Nations Charter, which is a binding international treaty ratified by the United States, it is illegal to attack another nation except: 1) when authorized by the Security Council; or 2) when necessary for self-defense and then only for as long as necessary to get the matter to the Security Council.
    The Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1441 that found Iraq in material breach of prior resolutions and warned of “severe consequences” if Iraq didn’t conform. But that resolution also explicitly stated that the Security Council remained seized of the issue and the United States assured the other members that Resolution 1441 did not authorize it to attack Iraq; the U.S. would have to return to the Security Council for another resolution before it could attack Iraq. In early 2003, the United States did return to the Security Council with a resolution authorizing an attack on Iraq
    When it became clear that the proposed resolution could not muster a majority, the United States withdrew the resolution and attacked Iraq anyway. There is no crime more serious than illegally starting a war.

    Now there is A LOT OF EVIDENCE even members of the government have said things like these:

    Alan Greenspan: “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows. The Iraq war is largely about oil.” I MEAN ALAN GREENSPAN A REPUBLICAN A GUY SO OLD THAT HE DOESNT HAVE ANYTHING TO LOSE OR ANY AGENDA…

    Paul O’Neil: Bush was planning to attack Irak from the start here is the source: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=zteunEcP5-U..WAY BEFORE SEPTEMBER 11..

    even weeks before the attack on iraq ..Saddam allowed the inspectors to go into Iraq and cooperated with them as said by Hans Blix the Chief Inspector…the US without being there said: NO IRAQ IS NOT COOPERATING so my question is: what is it or where does it say the US has the ABSOLUTE TRUTH???
    so these are the FACTS:

    1) The US attacks a little country under the ARGUMENT THAT THEY HAVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION …….FALSE.

    2.-UN inspectors checked the iraqi facilities and they never found any as well as once the US troops went into Iraq…U SAY THEY MOVED THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE….do u have any proof?

    3.-The US invaded a country without a UN resolution….France at that time,Russia,Mexico,China among others in the security council denied a vote for war the US didnt care and went to war where as i said more than 4,000 americans have died and at least 100,00 innocent people DO U REALLY BELIEVE THAT THIS IS GOOD? WHT IF ONE DAY (WHICH IS VERY UNLIKELY ONLY CUZ U LIVE INTHE US) a bomb drops in your house and kills you and your family because the prez of your country is a “dictator”…have u ever thought of that? ok kill the bad guy but the bad guy is ONE but why do u kill thousands of INOCCENT PEOPLE what did they do to you?????

    Bush says that those lives are not in vain..

    I would like to aski him:

    Why attack a country that never attacked us and blamed them for something that they were never conected with even if they have WMD’S? and even if they had it …did they use them against america?NO ….so everybody knows that PAKISTAN has WMD’S so why dont we attack them?? we know that a bunch of other countries have them and there are worst dictators than Saddam and more cruel but because they dont have oil we JUST DONT CARE…it comes down to this:

    Thousand of people have died because OF OIL THEREFORE MONEY, MONEY INTERESTS,OIL COMPANIES….just because of a capricious man who decided to attack for personal reasons and money NEVER FOR FREEDOM OR BECAUSE THIS COUNTRY REALLY REPRESENTED A THREAT TO THE US…or what did u forget that Saddam or Osama were old US friends?? watch Rumsfield shaking hands with Saddam http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=oTldYbqlJc8 ….
    or if u have a good theory or argument to say go ahead i would like to hear from you….there a whole lot of things that Bush has done worng some by mistake some by irresponsabilty but this one (the invasion of Iraq) is unforgivable…SHAME ON BUSH AND SHAME ON ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT AN ILLEGAL WAR…if this war was for the right reasons i would be the first to support it sadly the evidence says the contrary ….

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