Ways to increase your employees’ productivity

11 Jan

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Productivity is always a problem for companies as they’re paying thousands of pounds a month to their employees, who aren’t always working their very best. Whether it’s too many cups of tea, chatting on Facebook or just staring into thin air, we all have ways to put off our work.

Getting paid just simply isn’t enough to motivate staff these days; employees need to be rewarded by their company if they’re to be their most efficient. While actually doing work does require a certain amount of willpower from the employee, it’s largely down to the working environment.

There are a number of easy to improve levels of concentration and keep your members of staff going throughout the day, without looking at a single LOLcat. Here are a few simple ways to boost your employees’ productivity.

1. Avoid micromanaging

Although you want to ensure that the people you pay are doing their jobs properly and efficiently, peering over their shoulder is likely to have the opposite effect. Once you’ve given instruction, it’s important that employees have the freedom to do their work without being analysed. Although it’s important to manage staff and provide them with any assistance they need, you have hired them to do the job because you feel they are capable. By putting this trust into your employees, they’ll be more likely to do the work to a higher level.

2. Be flexible

There has been a focus on getting a work/life balance for many years, but with the boundaries between the two becoming increasingly blurred, it’s important that you offer flexibility. If your employees are answering emails at the weekend, taking calls in the evening and just logging on to the computer in their spare time, you need to appreciate this by offering them a certain level of flexibility. For example, if they’ve been up all night hitting a report deadline, offer them the morning off or to work from home. It will make the extra work feel recognised and in turn boost productivity.

3. Help boost energy

Long days in the office and late nights at home on the laptop are sure to zap the energy out of busy staff members – and that’s before their family life. It’s easy for employees to skip lunch or just pick up something to graze on at their desk. As the early morning caffeine injection wears off, staff tend to face a work slump in the afternoon – avoid this by offering an energy boost. A sugary snack will cause another lull later in the afternoon, so go for something healthy, like fruit –

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4. Allow enough time

One of the biggest problems facing employees is a lack of time. Everything is done last minute, and deadlines were yesterday. This kind of pressure can be detrimental and so overwhelming that employees end up freezing. By allowing plenty of time for the task and putting an emphasis on quality, staff will work better and end up being more productive.

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  3. Ted August 15, 2013 at 10:43 pm #

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