Well being Insurance Leads by Telemarketing Leads

7 Mar

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A 9 year old Texas based lead creating organization is highly knowledgeable and certified in the area of Health Insurance Leads. It bargains in lead generation in numerous fields like well being insurance leads, Medicare, specific requirements, dual eligible, Medicare list, home well being care and so forth. The quality of leads is always at par with the buyers requirements and requirements.

Well being Plans are extremely important if you are facing difficulty in making your health plan payments or are late in performing so or are on the verge of losing your coverage. New Health Insurance Plans may help bring down the payments to a a lot more cost-effective level. Offered the financial situation there are regrettably a lot of US residents who want such Modifications and Telemarketing Leads aids in bringing such leads to you.

The very skilled telemarketers call little company owners and person families who are in higher threat wellness and inform them about a program specially developed for such a situation. Due to being late on their payments, the health insurance policyholders and presently uninsurable have health care hardship or are on the verge of seeking their health care strategy to collapse.

The Health Insurance Leads that are provided by Telemarketing Leads are 100% exclusive and the skilled telemarketers dealing with the calls would often call on your organization behalf. Appropriate care is taken whilst deciding on a lead and each and every Health Insurance Lead is screened to ensure that it fits the correct well being condition for new health program.

The telemarketers ask numerous queries to ascertain the economic scenario of the small organization owners and person operating families. Immediately after a thorough evaluation, when it is determined that the particular person is a potential lead, they are informed that your organization would call them back with new well being care options. This is how the potential leads are qualified and then generated.

Some of the criteria to establish telemarketing Wellness Leads are that the buyers should be at present operating and have a decent health situation. In addition the earnings of the prospective consumer and the financial or personal hardship demands to be noted down too.

Although dealing with Wellness Care Leads on the web the leads would be directly mailed to your agency/organization in real time. After the information of a future prospects is taken down, it is reviewed and if he qualifies for wellness care program then the details is entered as a lead and directed towards your organization.

Telemarketing Leads take each opportunity to satisfy the requirements, needs and expectations of the clientele. Their competent staff in no way compromises on good quality and always tries to locate out new approaches to boost real time Medical Insurance Leads in the form of preset appointments so as to meet the expectations to the consumers fullest satisfaction thus giving the organization an exceptionally higher hit rate.

Telemarketing Leads always delivers quality and exclusive Health Insurance Leads in the form of live transfer leads that can be effortlessly converted into sale for your organization leading in instant development and profit for your organization.

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  1. Harley January 6, 2013 at 7:35 am #

    If only being as a hardship on anybody to locate as you possibly can.

    What ways are often accustomed to trace someone, and just how i’m able to prevent them?

  2. Jenell February 18, 2013 at 5:30 am #

    I was just offered a job doing telemarketing and they mentioned that their sales goal is 4-5 sales per day (per telemarketer). They said that you must reach an average of that goal each month or you will be terminated.

    That sounds like a lot to me. I worked in retail sales and they wanted us to sell the charge card and generally only REALLY good sales people or really FORTUNATE sales people could reach 4-5 charge cards per day. Average was more like 1-2 and even that was good. I could usually get about 2-3 depending on the day – and this was at a very high volume store in downtown Chicago.

    The job is selling insurance over the phone and the shifts are 7 hours. Does 4-5 sales per day seem like a realistic goal for that amount of time each day? When I went for the interview someone asked if people often get terminated for not making the goals and the interviewer said yes….sounds like a bad sign to me……

  3. Jazmine February 26, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    I don’t have the time to have an actual job, because then I would never be able to spend time with my son. I was thinking of something that is more homebased, but something that is not a scam– Also something that has no or low start up costs. Thanks!

  4. Jarred April 7, 2013 at 12:58 pm #

    I am wondering if anyone out there has any leads on data entry jobs that can be performed from home with NO start up cost? I have found a few at home jobs, but they are telemarketing and sales. Is there anything out there involving Data Entry other than Medical billing?
    Thanks so much to all of you for your time :0)

  5. Dwain April 22, 2013 at 11:18 pm #

    Please provide your personal experience 🙂

  6. Diego April 26, 2013 at 5:25 am #

    Does anyone know how do I use the money I have in my HRA health insurance? I have an Anthem-HRA health insurance plan with my employer. Could I take my ID card to my local pharmacy and charge it like a debit card if I just get over the counter drug? or do i have to pay for it with my own money upfront and then file a claim to get it back?

  7. Earl August 20, 2013 at 11:45 am #

    Hey guys I just got a sales job position in north hollywood that sales insurance leads to insurane agents. On there ad they said 12-15 dollars + 10 dollars per account open ( commison) + residuales,
    I have a really good sales background and went in for the interview , i have 8 years expernice at a import export firm doing inside sales , outside sales, and retail sales, with 2 years of telemarketing expernice. When told the salary was 12 dollars a hour , i respectfually stated i was expecting / hoping for 15 ( i live far away and gas is expensive ) . He stated that we can talk about that later, so we moved on to another subject.
    A week later , I emailed the firm and told them I had another offer but i wanted to work for their frim if selected to do so.
    A day later i received a call asking me to come in for work.
    I accepted.
    Heres my question, I forgot or rather did not talk about the money issue, should i bring it up the first day of work? and if so before or after my shift ?
    how can i do it respectfully without sounding bad?

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